Chaps, the boats are ready to set sail on the Armada tour. 


General info in the link below


Please see below for important information.  This message is going to be a long one but please bear with me and read in full.


First important note the boats we have hired are new and very smart.  We will have to provide a £500 security deposit for each boat upon pick up with a credit card.  This will be used for any damages internally or externally.  No blame culture on tour; if someone damages the boats, we all pay an equal share irrespective of which boat and whose fault it is.  However, I would rather spend my money on important things such as gin and food than repairing damaged paintwork, cookers, crockery or tv’s.  This trip promises to be fantastic fun but let’s not waste money through being reckless or daft.  We also may want to repeat the trip in years to come and the options open to us for boats of this size is extremely limited.


The boat yard we have hired from is small and they have asked each boat crew to arrive at different times so that they can give us a demo and ensure we know what we are doing.  They usually take clients down to the first lock and then jump off and leave them to it.  Our first lock will be Sonning just outside of Reading going towards Henley (just in case they ask which direction we are going)


I have split the group up by boat, matching age, width and girth with suitable bunks and when people are arriving.  However, this is all sortable/changeable once we get together. 


Details of the yard including directions are further down including suggested lift options.  Note parking is £6 per night per car… which I will book sometime this week once all is OK.



Boat 1 Gema


Arrival time at the yard 12.15pm (don’t be late they may surcharge us)


69ft narrow beam boat with 8 berths though one of these is a double in the saloon so only counts as a single unless someone desperately wants to share.


Charlie R, Josh R, Callum, Matt, Hugh, Al and Alfie or Morne and Ben.  Al/Alfie the bunks in the saloon on boat 2 are wider so might be more comfortable.  Not that I’m saying you need extra width more that Ben and Morne need a great deal less…  Note Ben and Morne are not arriving until Tuesday lunchtime, meeting us in Marlow.


Boat 2 Geanna


Arrival time at yard 1.15pm (don’t be late they may surcharge us)


Jon T, Reuben, Jason, CD, Stephen, Jim and either Al/Alfie or Morne/Ben.  The bunks in the main saloon on this boat pull out as doubles so perfect for the wider beamed members of our crew…




Matt, Morne and Ben will be arriving under their own steam.  Matt is meeting us at Henley Monday evening, the others at Marlow Tuesday lunchtime.  Matt, I’m not sure on parking for you though, can you sort or arrive by train, not sure what time the boatyard closes or Marlow or Wargrave cricket clubs might be able to help?  Charlie and I will be driving down from Manchester that morning.  Note: Morne and Ben will need a lift back on Friday.


To be at the yard by 12.15pm

Car 1 Reeves x 4

Car 2 Hodgson x 1, Wyatt x 1, Warmisham x 1


To be at the yard by 1.15pm

Car 3 Davies x 2

Car 4 Taylor x 2, Gee x 1


Boat 2 will be around 1.5 hours behind boat 2.  There is a pub after Shiplake lock with mooring directly outside where we can meet but we will need to press on to ensure we get to Henley for the evening as this is where we are meeting Matt.

Or you can press on and we meet in Henley.  Best moorings are just under the bridge marked below (ignore the white buildings they are marquees for the Regatta and probably not there yet).  We need to remember both boats need at least 80 ft gap each…

Mill Road, West Chiltington, Pulborough RH20 2PZ

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