Due to Covid, we are taking measures to control the use of our outdoor nets. Nets will be available to use from 1 April. If you wish to use the nets you must book a session in advance using our online system. This booking facility is only available to our 2021 members. Whilst we're keen for you to make the most of this opportunity there are some very strict guidelines both you and we as a club must follow. It is vital the rules are adhered to otherwise we may be forced to take this benefit away. Please take the time to read the information on this page. If you need to revisit any of the information, you can use these quick links below.



  1. You will be asked to confirm your agreement to the following guidelines prior to using the nets. By booking a session you are confirming you have read and agree to adhere to the following guidelines. However, a table will be set-up with a forms for all users to sign at the start of their first session.

  2. Only 2021 members can use the facility.

  3. There is to be no unauthorised usage. 

  4. A responsible adult needs to be in attendance at all times. i.e. a member of the committee, an approved coach or a designated helper.

  5. For any Junior players (U18) a parent must also be in attendance at all times.

  6. Net lanes for personal use must be booked using the online Skedda system.​

  7. Nets booked for 1-to-1 coaching should be booked and paid for directly with the relevant coach.

  8. Whilst all processes remain reviewable it is intended that the nets will be open for use for as many hours as practical.

  9. Users are responsible for arriving and leaving the area promptly ensuring the facilities are left clean and tidy. It is not the responsibility of others to tidy up after you.

  10. A maximum of two participants, plus one supervisor/parent if required, can use a net lane at any one time. 

  11. One supervising parent can supervise.

  12. In a case of 1-to-1 coaching - the session will be one authorised coach plus one player per lane.

  13. Users must use their own equipment.

    1. Balls must not be shared

    2. The batsman must hit the ball back to the bowler

    3. Batting equipment must not be shared

    4. Only authorised coaches can use the bowling machines

    5. Stumps will be provided by the Club and will be left in the nets

    6. Each lane will have dedicated kit areas for your personal kit. These should be used at all times when the kit is not in use.

  14. Users must make use of the sanitiser and antibacterial products on site and make sure any stumps, poles, locks etc used are wiped down after use.

  15. The pavilion will not be open for use, this includes use of the toilets.

  16. You must observe the ECB guidelines on practical use of outdoor facilities and social distancing at all times.

  17. If the guidelines are not complied with the club will be forced to close the nets.



Casual Use

  1. Net sessions are booked for 1 hour. However at least 10 minutes must be allowed at the end of each session for tidying up. packing kit away. Cleaning and sanitizing.  

  2. Please ensure you arrive promptly but do not enter the net areas before the previous users have vacated or you are invited to do so by your coach. 

  3. At no time should two groups occupy the same net. Safe and social distancing should always be maintained 

  4. No more than two one hour sessions should be made back-to-back.

  5. Keep bookings to on-the-hour. Please do not book quarter past or half hour start times.

1-to-1 Coaching

Times have been blocked out to allow our club coaches to arrange 1-to-1 sessions directly with players.

Rain Affected sessions
The club house will not be open. In the event of bad weather please shelter under cover on the balcony. Please bring appropriate clothing.



In an emergency please contact Stephen Hodgson 07720 299911 or Jason Davies 07813 603179 or any committee member.


The latest ECB guidelines are available here. 

It is imperative the WCTCC guidelines of use shown above are followed to the letter. In addition to these and the full ECB guidelines it is advised by the ECB that individuals follow these three steps.

  • Seek confirmation from the club that it has reopened and make a booking.

  • Check for symptoms of COVID-19. In line with current Government guidance, if you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, you should remain at home and follow Government guidance.

  • Avoid public transport if at all possible.


Casual use sessions are for one or two people (or more if all from the same household). Please choose this session type and follow the instructions below if you wish to bat and bowl with a friend or simply working on your bowling on your own.


Coaching - if you want to book a private 1-to-1 session with a coach, please see the coaching options further down the page.


First time users please refer to your account set-up email to first create a password

  1. All fully paid up members of WCTCC will receive an invitation email from the online booking system Skedda, to the email address you used when you registered as a WCTCC member.

  2. If you are a first time user, please create a password by clicking the link on the email. You will then be redirected to our booking calendar in Skedda.

  3. If you have already created an account, please click the button below. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Your username is your email address.

  4. Choose a date that you wish to book.

  5. Choose a time that you wish to book. Double click on the calendar and add your details.

  6. If you are booking for other people, please add their names to the booking also. All users must be paid up members.

  7. Bookings are automatically allocated to you in one hour sessions. Please do not book more than two one hour sessions back-to-back.

  8. An email will be issued to the primary booker to confirm the booking. 



We're pleased to be able to recommend the services of both Matt Machan and Tim van Noort.


These sessions are restricted to members only and at the selected times. They must be booked and paid for directly with your coach. There is no need for you to add the booking to the system, your coach will make the arrangements with the Club.

Contact Matt by email or phone 07545 593977

Contact Tim by email or phone 07734 115482






Club Coach

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Club Coach