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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Hub

Updated: 3 days ago


Below is the latest update from Matt Parsons, Junior Competitions Co-ordinator

Junior Leagues & SJCF "The intention and aim for all those involved in junior league cricket, the SJCF and all of Sussex Cricket is to ensure that when it is safe and allowed to start, the cricket season will give the opportunity for maximum participation for both boys and girls, of all ages. However, we are mindful of government guidelines on social distancing and group gatherings and as such need to ensure that 1-day festival events, larger cluster competitions and any form of larger scale activity is entirely within what the recommendations allow. At this stage, we are still currently planning to run the SCF U9/10 softball 6-a-side competition, ECB U13 and U15 National knockout competitions, ECB U19 T20, girls softball U10, U11 and U13 events and the boys County Champions League. However, we will hold off sending round the specifics of these until we know more about how the summer will look. In regards the four regionally organised leagues, for both boys and girls, it has been agreed to implement and follow the following 3-stage plan: Stage 1 If recreational cricket is able to resume at any stage prior to Monday the 1st of June, all junior fixtures and competitions will be played as planned. Any matches or organised events prior to the 1st of June resumption that haven’t been able to be played will simply be cancelled and not counted towards any competitions or leagues, unless re-arranged between the clubs themselves, in accordance with each of the regional Committees. Providing matches are started by the 1st of June, all leagues will be recognised as such and league places awarded at the end of the season, based on the fixtures that get played (U12 upwards). If the start date is after the 1st of June, Stage 2 will come into effect: Stage 2a – If the SJCF continues If the annual age group weeks of competition for the SJCF do go ahead as planned and there is scope to run them as they ordinarily would, the SJCF will provide the ‘competition’ element to the 2020 season and all surviving junior league fixtures will become friendlies. They will be played in the same way they would have been without any changes, but the results and tables wouldn’t be published as league competition. Stage 2b – If the SJCF doesn’t run If the age group weeks of competition for the SJCF can’t go ahead or be delivered as they ordinarily would, all fixtures from the point at which the season starts will be played as planned. Any fixtures that were cancelled or not played prior to the start date of fixtures will be added onto the end of the original fixture list, using the weeks of what would have been the SJCF to complete the full calendar of matches. Each individual league Committee will guide clubs on how this will look and there may need to be ‘double headers’ and/or two matches a week in order to ensure a full list of matches is completed. At this stage the SJCF can’t make a final decision on whether they can offer the usual weeks of age group competition, as the decision on when the school holidays will/won’t take place is unclear. Stage 3 – Irrespective of whether the SJCF runs If recreational cricket is not able to start until the w/c 6th of July or later, all matches that are left in the calendar will be played as friendlies, any leagues will not be published or league places awarded this season and clubs will be asked to organise additional friendlies best they can with their local neighbours. As a County and in conjunction with the four regional set ups, we will look to support clubs to do this and provide contact lists and club details. It goes without saying that 2020 will be a very different and unique summer for all clubs but it’s essential that wherever possible we maintain the fantastic levels of participation and opportunity we have within Sussex. All four regional leagues, the SJCF and Sussex Cricket will work closely together to ensure this happens and with all our clubs support we can ensure that junior cricket is ready to go, as and when it’s safe to do so."


We have received the following from Gary Stanley, Chair of the Executive Committee, Sussex Cricket League:

"Over recent days and weeks, the Executive Committee has been discussing the impact of Coronavirus on our league and its clubs. Following the ECB's recent announcement regarding the suspension of all recreational cricket, which I am sure you have now all seen, we have reached a conclusion as to how we should proceed. At this stage, I must stress that it is the absolute priority of Sussex Cricket, and the Executive Committee as a part of Sussex Cricket, that the health and welfare of everybody involved in the Sussex Cricket League is protected, be it players, officials or any other volunteer. Every decision we have made or will make in the future has this at its centre.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation that nobody could have expected and we appreciate that all of our clubs will be facing challenges that they will not be prepared for. The Executive Committee, along with your SCF Territory Managers will do whatever we can to help you get through this uncertain period.

It is pointing out the obvious to say that things are moving at a fast pace and that the landscape will undoubtedly change over the coming days and weeks. We have formed a strategy for dealing with this, which is intended to be fluid and based on securing as much cricket as possible, but doing so on an informed basis, in a timely manner, with as much expert information to hand as possible and having the health and wellbeing of our clubs, players and officials as the main priority. The strategy is in three stages, as detailed below: -

Stage 1

Cancellation of all league related meetings in March / April including the League Council meeting on 30th March and the umpires meeting on 19th April. We will disseminate all necessary information by e-mail or by post (specifically the playing conditions books). Depending on what happens in the meantime, we may offer a conference call on a date TBC for clubs that want to discuss anything.

Stage 2

If we conclude by Friday 10th April that the season cannot begin on 2nd May as scheduled, we will cancel all scheduled fixtures in May. This would allow us time to see how things develop and place us in a position to make further informed decisions. Please note that that there is no possibility of delaying the season and extending past its current scheduled finish, because around half of all clubs use council facilities that are given over to football in September.

Stage 3

If it becomes apparent that we will be unable to resume cricket by the beginning of June, we will work on the basis of cancelling all fixtures for the first half of the season and playing the second half. This would effectively mean beginning the league season on 11th July, with all teams playing each other once. In the top two divisions, all matches would be limited overs rather than declaration. We would look to catch up with the T20 competitions on the previous one or two Saturdays. We see this as the last stage at which the league can be treated as competitive with promotion and relegation implications. Any start after this date would need to be discussed if we get to it. The advantage of invoking this stage would be that we buy some more time to assess the situation as we move through early summer when the epidemic is now being forecast to peak.

I want, once again, to stress that these stages are not set in stone, but they give us a reasonable template for action, with flexibility built in, to amend if circumstances dictate or allow.

We believe this plan gives us the time to consider each phase of the epidemic as it progresses, make decisions based on fact and is, at present, a structured approach to the current unprecedented situation. We, along with the Foundation, will continue to keep you abreast of material developments, if and when they occur, including any further advice from the Governing Bodies."

19 March

Further to our recent decision to cancel junior and senior pre-season nets we have recieved the following from the ECB...

"Following the Government’s latest advice around social distancing, it is with sadness and reluctance that we recommend that all forms of recreational cricket are for now suspended. This extends to training, pre-season friendlies and any associated cricket activity."

As things stand we do not know what this means for the Sussex Cricket League season and our youth and women's competative cricket. We will obviously continue to monitor the situation and let know you know as soon as we know anything more. Please keep and eye on our social media channels for the latest updates.

Until then, stay safe, there are more important things than cricket on the horizon. If you have any questions please get in contact.


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all current training/net sessions for Men, Women, Boys & Girls are cancelled.

In the current worldwide situation, WCTCC’s priority is the health and wellbeing of our members, both young and old. We have therefore decided that all training/net sessions are cancelled until further notice.

This impacts all Men's, Women's, Boys & Girls sessions at all venues. (Arundel Castle Friday evenings and Saturday mornings) amongst others.

Whilst the season is due to start in about 5 weeks, we are currently awaiting ECB, Sport England and Sussex Cricket advice on participation in recreational cricket, along with other information from the Government & the WHO.

If further information allows, we will arrange outdoor training at the Rec nearer the start of the season, however, there is likely to be no further information on this for a few weeks. We will, of course, keep you all updated as we receive further information.

We hope all members and their families remain active but most importantly, stay safe and healthy in these uncertain times.