Lowest score vs. WC&T: 38 all out by Middleton Academy against 3rd XI on 9th May 2015

Lowest score by WC&T: 40 all out by the 2nd XI at Ifield on 12th May 2018

Highest score by WC&T: 413-4 - 2nd XI vs Pulboro' 3rds at home on 26th May 2007

Highest score vs WC&T: 332-6 - Roffey 2nd XI vs the 1sts at home on 6th July 2019

Biggest victory: 326 runs - 2nds vs Pulborough 3rds (home) on 26th May 2007

Biggest defeat: 211 runs - Sunday XI vs Falling Leaves (Pagham) on 13th August 2006

Number of ten wicket adult victories: Nine - Amberley (2002), Ifield 3rds (2004), Bury & West Burton (2009), Ansty 2nds (2010), Scaynes Hill 3rds (2012), Billingshurst 3rds (2013), Stirlands 2nds (2016) , Bognor Regis 2nds (2017), Amberley (2019)

Number of ten wicket adult defeats: Four - Bury & West Burton (2003), Worthing Foresters (2004), Milland & Scaynes Hill (both 2008)

Record individual score: Brian Chambers - 198* for 1st XIs vs Brighton Insurance at home in West Sussex League Div. 1 on 14th May 2005

Record Women's individual score: Sophie Grayson - 108* for WCTCC & St James Combined XI vs Hurstpierpoint at St James in Sussex Cricket Foundation League on 11th August 2019

Best bowling figures: James Chaloner - 10-3-17-8 at Ocean on 27th July 2002

Record partnership: Reuben Taylor & Luke Tolson - 281* at home to Preston Nomads in the SJCF Bowl on 15th August 2016

First woman to play men's cricket:  Harriet Thornton for the 2nd XI on 17th June 2017

Youngest player to play adult cricket: Tom Chambers - 10 years, 197 days playing for the 1sts away vs St Matthias CC 1st XI on 3rd September 2005 

Most hundreds: Rob Llewellyn (2001-2013) - Seventeen (for merged club - many more for West Chilt CC). RIP RIL

Most five-wicket hauls: James Chaloner (2001-) -22 (Many more for West Chilt CC)


The merged club colts' section started in 2005 with an U12s side containing current players like Jake Hodgson and John Tolson. Several colts and ex colts have played 1st XI such as Charlie Davies, Reuben Taylor and Ben Lucking. The Chambers all started in the creche at Horsham and came to us when they were older. Jack Elliott-Monday has had the most remarkable rise. He started at Steyning batting at 11 and not bowling. He came to West Chilt in 2011 as an U14 and is now an established all rounder. So I guess what we're saying is that if you continue to improve and work hard at your game, you will reap the results. A few other familiar names are below. We go oldest first as the U11s go last in their SJCF.

Under 16

Top 5 Bowling Figures

6-15 Ben Lucking (a) vs Three Bridges 2nd XI (9/6/2018)

6-48 Ben Lucking (h) vs Slinfold 1st XI (27/8/2018)

5-3 Reuben Taylor (a) vs Parham Park (18/9/2016)

5-6 Eddie Miller (h) vs Southwater (20/8/2015)

5-15 Alex Tatchell (a) vs Bognor Regis U16 (22/8/2019)

Top 5 Innings

153* Jack Elliott-Monday (a) vs Goring By Sea (20/8/2013)

141* Reuben Taylor (a) vs Lindfield (Bowl) (18/8/2016)

134 Hugo Gillespie (h) vs Nazeing Common 2/7/2018

132* Luke Tolson (h) vs Preston Nomads (Bowl) (15/8/2016) 

116* Eddie Miller (a) vs Ansty (18/8/2014)

Under 14

Top 5 Bowling Figures

6-11 Jack Hasler (h) vs Southwater (11/6/2008)

6-24 Ray Manders (a) vs Sussex Martlets (13/9/2020) 

6-26 Elliot Brown (h) vs Roffey (30/5/2015)

5-3 Toby Glover (a) vs Billingshurst (7/5/2011)

5-5 Ben Hasler (h) vs Steyning (20/6/2009)

Top 5 Innings

109* Adam Trees (h) vs Ifield U14 (5/8/2019)

107 Tom Good (a) vs East Preston (2/8/2012)

106* Eddie Miller (h) vs Goring By Sea (7/8/2013)

106 Charlie Woodage (h) vs Ifield U14 (5/8/2019)

102 Hugo Gillespie (h) vs Ditchling (11/9/2016)

Under 13

Top 5 Bowling Figures

6-12 Charlie Fairclough-Wood (a) vs Chichester Bowl (18/08/2017)

5-11 Danny Abbott (h) vs East Preston (15/8/2013)

5-17 Harry Staples (h) vs Goring By Sea (13/8/2013)

5-24 Cian Brittle (a) vs Arundel (17/8/2009)

4-3 Gabriel Peck (h) vs Chichester (29/6/2010)

4-3 Alfie Reeves (a) vs Chippingdale (14/8/2013)

Top 5 Innings

115* Theo Trevelyan-Clark (a) vs Chichester Bowl (18/8/2017)

114 Will Jeffries (h) vs Goring By Sea (9/8/2010)

112* Tom Good (a) vs Goring By Sea (9/8/2011)

104* Tom Good (a) vs Portslade (8/8/2011)

103* Eddie Miller (h) vs Steyning (10/8/2012)

103* Charlie Tear (a) vs Chichester Bowl (18/8/2017)

Under 12

Top 5 Bowling Figures

6-15 Finlay Oratis (h) vs Eastergate (28/07/2020)

5-0 David Bowen-Davies (h) vs Horsham Trinity U11 (26/5/2006)

5-1 Will Jeffries (a) vs Pulborough (28/7/2009)

5-2 Harvey Mayne (h) vs Burgess Hill (30/07/2020)

5-10 Charlie Davies (h) vs Barns Green (26/6/2011)

Top 5 Innings

102* Charlie Tear (h) vs Findon (Bowl) (26/7/2016)

102* Alex Tatchell (a) vs Middleton-on-Sea (30/7/2015) 

100* Will Farnes (a) vs Goring By Sea (28/7/2015)

100* Gus James (a) vs Littlehampton 29/7/2015)

99* Adam Trees (h) vs Chichester PP (Bowl) (31/7/2017)

Under 11

Top 5 Bowling Figures

5-9 Patrick Cope (a) vs Plaistow (29/6/2010)

5-16 Josh Williams-Richards (h) vs Arundel (28/8/2018)

4-7 George Richardson (a) vs Scaynes Hill (18/8/2008)

4-8 Reuben Taylor (h) vs Goring By Sea (23/8/2011)

4-21 Toby Taylor (a) vs Broadwater (27/8/2013)

Top 5 Innings

102 Alex Tatchell (a) vs Three Bridges (29/8/2014)

91* Eddie Miller (h) vs Midhurst (23/8/2010)

77* Archie Fairclough-Wood (h) vs Chichester U11B (21/8/2011) 

69 Finn Alun Jones (a) vs Stirlands (24/08/2020)

68* Alex Tatchell (a) vs Arundel (SJCF Final 31/8/2014) 


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